Starter Locs Styles: Embrace the Versatility of Locs


In recent years, starter locs styles have gained popularity as a trendy and versatile option for those with textured hair. These styles provide a unique and individual look that celebrates the beauty of natural hair. Whether you are starting your locs journey or simply looking for some inspiration to refresh your current locs, this article explores various starter locs styles that showcase the myriad of possibilities.

Before diving into the different styles, it’s important to understand what starter locs are. Also known as baby locs, they refer to the initial stage of the locs process when the hair is coiled or twisted into sections and left to naturally lock over time. This stage is crucial as it establishes the foundation for your locs while allowing you to experiment with different styles.

Each starter locs style offers its own unique charm, allowing individuals to express their personality and creativity. Let us explore some of the most popular styles that you can consider for your journey:

🌟 Bantu Knots 🌟

Adding a playful twist to your starter locs, Bantu knots are a stylish and versatile option. These knots involve taking small sections of hair, twisting them tightly, and coiling them into small, neat knots. Not only do Bantu knots give your locs a visually appealing look, but they also help in the locking process as the hair continues to grow.

🔥 Partial Updo 🔥

An elegant and chic choice, the partial updo style allows you to showcase the beauty of your starter locs while keeping them neat and tidy. By gathering a portion of your locs and securing them into an updo, you create a stunning look that works for both casual and formal occasions. This style also helps with weight distribution, preventing strain on your scalp.

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💫 Loc Crown 💫

The loc crown style is a true showstopper, as it allows you to flaunt the length and volume of your starter locs while exuding confidence and regality. This style involves creating a circular pattern of locs around your head, resembling a crown. It’s a perfect choice for special events or when you simply want to feel like royalty.

🌺 Intricate Braids 🌺

For those looking to add a touch of intricacy to their starter locs, incorporating braids can elevate your style to the next level. By braiding selected sections of your locs, you create captivating patterns and textures that turn heads wherever you go. This style offers endless possibilities for customization, allowing you to experiment with various braid sizes and patterns.

⚡️ Sisterlocks ⚡️

Sisterlocks are a precise and elegant option for those seeking a more refined look. This style involves creating very thin and uniform locs by parting the hair into small sections. Sisterlocks have gained popularity for their versatility and low maintenance, allowing you to explore different hairstyles while celebrating the natural beauty of your hair.

🌈 Colored Locs 🌈

Adding a burst of color to your starter locs can take your style to new heights. With a wide range of vibrant dyes to choose from, you can experiment with different shades that reflect your personality or make a bold statement. Whether you opt for subtle highlights or all-over color, colored locs are a fantastic way to express your creativity and individuality.

Table: Complete Information about Starter Locs Styles

Style Description Strengths Weaknesses
Bantu Knots Small, neat coils twisted into knots – Adds visual appeal
– Aids in the locking process
– Time-consuming to create
– Requires regular maintenance
Partial Updo Secured updo showcasing a portion of locs – Neat and elegant
– Distributes weight evenly
– Can be challenging for beginners
– Requires some styling skills
Loc Crown Circular pattern resembling a crown – Glamorous and regal look
– Highlights length and volume
– Requires longer locs for optimal effect
– Takes time to create
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How often should I wash my starter locs?

It is recommended to wash your starter locs every 1-2 weeks in the beginning to allow the hair to lock properly. As your locs mature, you can extend the time between washes to maintain their health.

2. Can I swim with starter locs?

Yes, you can swim with starter locs. However, it is important to protect them by wearing a swim cap or applying a swim-friendly leave-in conditioner to minimize chlorine damage.


With the variety of starter locs styles available, you have the opportunity to embrace the versatility of locs and express your unique personality. From Bantu knots to colored locs, each style offers its strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your journey. Remember, the key to maintaining healthy locs is proper care and regular maintenance. So go ahead, explore the possibilities, and let your starter locs be a reflection of your beauty and individuality.

Ready to embark on your starter locs journey? Embrace the beauty of natural hair and discover the endless styling options that await you!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. It is always recommended to consult a hairstylist or professional loctician for personalized guidance and care.