TEXT ME launched at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art on Valentine's Day 2016. We asked visitors at BALTIC to spend five minutes scrolling through their own text archives and select a message they wanted to share. This could be a text message they treasured or one they regretted sending or receiving. Visitors contributed some fascinating stories and this archive of digital stories has grown during the workshops Victoria Mapplebeck has hosted at BALTIC over the last six months. The best of these text stories will be featured in the six week TEXT ME exhibition opening at  BALTIC Quay Gallery on November 3rd 2016. 

Visitors are encouraged to add their own stories to this ever growing archive. They can share their text story in a number of ways:

 - There will be an LED display in the TEXT ME space. Visitors can text the TEXT ME mobile and their text will be added to the display, creating a rolling piece of text art. 

-  Visitors can phone the TEXT ME STORY MOBILE on 07432 466268 and leave a voicemail with their chosen text message. Selected messages will be featured in the exhibition.

- Make your own artwork inspired by a text message. TEXT ME VIP or RIP. Immortalise a text you treasure by framing it in your own picture frame. For those painful, best forgotten texts, assemble a 3D phone coffin and lay your text dialogue to rest forever. 

What do we gain and what do we lose, as digital communication becomes the default?  We want to create a digital experience that enables our audience to reflect on both the curses and the blessings of digital dialouges.