Xenoverse 2: How to Check Friendship

An In-Depth Guide to Checking Friendship in Xenoverse 2

Friendship is a crucial aspect of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, as it influences the growth and development of your character. By building strong relationships with in-game characters, you can unlock various rewards and bonuses that will enhance your gameplay experience. In this guide, we will explain in detail how to check friendship levels with different characters in Xenoverse 2, and provide you with valuable tips and strategies to maximize your friendship gains.


Before diving into the specifics, let’s first understand the importance of friendship in Xenoverse 2. Friendship can grant you access to exclusive quests, rewards, and even teach you powerful moves that can turn the tide in battle. Building strong bonds with characters from the Dragon Ball universe is not only enjoyable but also adds depth to your gameplay. Now, let’s explore the various ways to check your friendship levels in Xenoverse 2.

How to Check Friendship Levels

1. Talk and Interact:

Interacting with characters regularly is a fundamental way to build friendships. Whether it’s engaging in conversations, completing quests together, or helping them in battles, each interaction contributes to your friendship level. 🗣️

2. Gift-Giving:

A surefire way to strengthen your bonds is through the act of gift-giving. By presenting characters with items they love or enjoy, you can significantly boost your friendship levels. 🎁

3. Training and Sparring:

Take advantage of training and sparring sessions with characters to not only improve your skills but also establish a deeper connection. The more time you spend training together, the stronger your friendship becomes. 🥋

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4. Participate in Parallel Quests:

Parallel Quests provide opportunities to team up with various characters from the Dragon Ball universe. By completing these quests cooperatively, you can increase your friendship levels substantially. 🌐

5. Keep a Close Eye on Health:

Your character’s health plays a significant role in building friendships. Ensure your character is well-rested and their health is optimal, as this can positively impact your interactions and friendship growth. 🌡️

6. Favorable Dialogue Choices:

During conversations with characters, you may encounter dialogue options. Be mindful of your responses and choose the dialogue that aligns with the character’s personality and preferences. This demonstrates your understanding and respect, deepening your friendship. 💬

7. Regularly Check Friendship Status:

To track your progress, it’s essential to check your friendship status regularly. This can be done by accessing the character list and reviewing their individual friendship meters. 📊

The Strengths and Weaknesses of Checking Friendship in Xenoverse 2


1. Enhanced gameplay experience and rewards. 🎮💪
2. Access to exclusive quests and powerful moves. ⚔️🌟
3. Deeper immersion in the Dragon Ball universe. 🌌🐉
4. Opportunities for cooperative play and bonding with friends. 👥❤️
5. A sense of achievement in building meaningful relationships. 🏆🤝
6. Unlocking unique character interactions and storylines. 📜👥
7. The joy of discovering hidden secrets and content. 🎁🔒


1. Time-consuming process requiring consistent effort. ⌛😫
2. Limited dialogue options and interactions. 😕💬
3. Certain characters may have specific requirements for friendship growth. 📜🔒
4. Some rewards may be cosmetic and not significantly impact gameplay. 💇👕
5. Possible repetition of quests and conversations. 🔄🗯️
6. The reliance on completing parallel quests for substantial progress. 💪🎮
7. Friendship growth may not be essential for all playstyles. 🎮🤷‍♀️

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Table: Friendship Levels in Xenoverse 2

Character Friendship Level
Goku Super Saiyan
Vegeta Proud Saiyan
Gohan Scholar
Trunks Time Patroller
Piccolo Wise Mentor
Krillin Loyal Friend

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I speed up the process of increasing friendship levels?

Answer: To accelerate friendship growth, focus on completing parallel quests, engaging in training sessions, and gifting items that characters adore. 🌟🎁

2. Are there any character-specific friendship requirements?

Answer: Yes, some characters may require specific actions, such as completing side quests or reaching certain story milestones, to increase their friendship levels. 📜🔓

3. Can I lose friendship levels with characters?

Answer: While it is challenging to lose friendship levels, constant negative dialogue choices or neglecting interactions can potentially decrease your friendship with certain characters. 🗯️😕

4. Can I check my overall friendship progress in one place?

Answer: Yes, you can view your overall friendship progress by accessing the character list and examining the individual friendship meters. 📊🔍

5. Are there any rewards for achieving maximum friendship levels?

Answer: Yes, reaching maximum friendship levels can unlock powerful abilities, exclusive items, and unique interactions with characters. 🌟💪

6. Can I change my character’s race affect friendship growth?

Answer: No, your character’s race does not directly impact friendship growth. However, certain characters may have preferences or additional dialogue options based on your race. 🏞️🏃‍♂️

7. Can I build friendships with characters from the opposing factions?

Answer: Yes, you can build friendships with characters from opposing factions. The shared experience of battling together can strengthen the bond between characters. 🤝⚔️

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In conclusion, friendship is a key component of Xenoverse 2 that adds depth and excitement to the overall gameplay experience. By interacting with characters, engaging in quests, and fostering relationships, you unlock powerful abilities, exclusive rewards, and create memorable moments within the Dragon Ball universe. So, embark on this journey, check your friendship levels regularly, and witness the incredible impact it can have on your Xenoverse 2 adventure. 🌌🎮

Remember, the power of friendship knows no limits in Xenoverse 2! So go out there, train hard, and forge unbreakable bonds with your favorite Dragon Ball characters. Your rewards and victories in this fantastic universe await! 🌟🐉

Closing Words

You have now equipped yourself with the knowledge and strategies to excel in checking friendship levels in Xenoverse 2. Make the most out of this guide, and remember that building relationships requires dedication and effort. So, embark on this friendship adventure, exceed your limits, and become the ultimate hero in the Dragon Ball universe! Good luck! 🍀🔥