Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed: A Delectable Comparison


When it comes to pizza, two popular options from Domino’s have been vying for attention: the Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed varieties. Each has its own unique qualities, making the choice between the two a difficult decision for pizza enthusiasts. This article aims to dive deep into the mouthwatering world of Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza and Hand Tossed offerings, examining their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed choice. Let’s take a closer look at these two delectable options!

The Irresistible Brooklyn Style Pizza


One of the shining stars in Domino’s menu is the Brooklyn Style Pizza. Inspired by the iconic New York slice, this pizza variant captures the essence of the Big Apple’s pizza culture. The crust is thin, crispy on the outside, yet delightfully chewy on the inside. It’s larger than the traditional Domino’s pizza, with a diameter of 14 inches, providing a generous serving perfect for sharing.

📣 Did you know? Domino’s first introduced the Brooklyn Style Pizza in 2006, aiming to recreate the authentic New York pizza experience.

The Classic Hand Tossed Pizza


A long-standing favorite at Domino’s, the Hand Tossed Pizza offers a more traditional pizza experience. The crust is hand stretched, resulting in a thicker and breadier base. It strikes the perfect balance between doughy and crispy, providing a satisfying and familiar texture. The standard size of a Hand Tossed Pizza is 12 inches, catering to individual cravings or smaller groups.

📣 Fun fact! Domino’s introduced Hand Tossed Pizza back in 1992 as an alternative to their popular thin crust pizza.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Brooklyn Style Pizza: Strengths

1. Authentic New York Experience: With its thin and chewy crust, the Brooklyn Style Pizza successfully captures the essence of a classic New York slice, transporting your taste buds to the bustling streets of the city.

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2. Generous Size: The 14-inch diameter makes it perfect for gatherings or sharing with friends and family, ensuring everyone gets a delicious slice.

3. Topping Showcase: The thin crust allows the toppings to shine, ensuring each bite is packed with the flavors you love.

4. Crispy Texture: The Brooklyn Style Pizza’s thin crust creates a delightful crunch, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to every mouthful.

5. Versatile Selection: Domino’s offers a wide range of toppings and combinations for the Brooklyn Style Pizza, allowing you to customize it to your preferences.

6. Nutritional Benefits: The thinner crust of the Brooklyn Style Pizza means it generally has fewer calories compared to its Hand Tossed counterpart, making it a great option for those conscious of their calorie intake.

7. Conveniently Satisfying: The larger size of the Brooklyn Style Pizza ensures you’ll be satiated with just a few slices, making it cost-effective and convenient for larger groups.

Brooklyn Style Pizza: Weaknesses

1. Limited Texture Variation: The thin and chewy crust may not appeal to those who prefer a thicker, breadier pizza base.

2. Structural Vulnerability: The thin nature of the crust can make the Brooklyn Style Pizza more prone to flopping or becoming soggy, particularly with a heavy load of toppings.

3. Less Doughy Satisfaction: If you enjoy the comfort and substantiality of a thicker crust, the Brooklyn Style Pizza may not provide the same level of satisfaction.

4. Less Ideal for Leftovers: Due to its thin crust, reheating leftover Brooklyn Style Pizza might result in a less enjoyable eating experience compared to its Hand Tossed counterpart.

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5. Limited Size Options: While the larger size is great for sharing, it may not be suitable for individuals or those with smaller appetites.

6. Availability: The Brooklyn Style Pizza is not available in all markets, limiting accessibility to this delectable option.

7. Personal Preference: The taste preferences of individuals may vary, and some may simply prefer a different style of pizza.

Domino’s Brooklyn Style vs Hand Tossed: An In-Depth Comparison

Brooklyn Style Hand Tossed
Crust Thickness Thin and chewy Thicker and breadier
Size Options 14 inches 12 inches
Topping Showcase Yes Yes
Texture Crispy Doughy and crispy
Customization Extensive options Extensive options
Calorie Count Generally lower Generally higher
Size Suitability Great for sharing Individual or small groups

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which crust has a thinner texture?

The Brooklyn Style Pizza offers a thinner texture compared to the Hand Tossed crust.

2. Can I customize both pizza styles?

Absolutely! Domino’s allows you to customize both the Brooklyn Style and Hand Tossed pizzas to your liking.

3. Are these crust styles available worldwide?

While Domino’s strives to provide a consistent menu, the availability of specific crust styles may vary depending on your location.

4. Is the Hand Tossed pizza more filling?

Due to its thicker and breadier crust, the Hand Tossed pizza may provide a more filling experience compared to the Brooklyn Style.

5. Can I reheat leftovers?

Both pizza styles can be reheated, but the Hand Tossed crust generally retains its texture better when reheated.

6. Which crust style is better for groups?

The larger size of the Brooklyn Style Pizza makes it ideal for sharing among bigger groups.

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7. Can I order both crust styles in the same order?

Yes! Domino’s allows you to mix and match crust styles in a single order to cater to everyone’s preferences.

The Choice is Yours!

After delving into the world of Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza and Hand Tossed options, you now have a better understanding of their unique qualities. Whether you crave the thin and chewy yet crispy experience of the Brooklyn Style Pizza or the classic, doughy satisfaction of the Hand Tossed crust, Domino’s offers a pizza for every palate.

💡 Remember, it ultimately boils down to personal preference. So go ahead, gather your loved ones, explore the menu, and embark on a pizza adventure with Domino’s!

Closing Words and Disclaimer

Domino’s Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed presents two delectable options, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. While this article aims to provide an objective comparison, taste is subjective, and individual preferences may vary. We encourage you to try both options and discover the one that satisfies your pizza cravings.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. Pizza offerings and availability may vary by location, and it is advised to check with your local Domino’s for the most up-to-date information.